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Which brands do you stock.

Urban Arrow and Benno for our eBikes, we stock these brands due to their functionality the components used and user reviews. We are looking at stocking Trailers and Cargo business trailers in the near future to meet the growing need locally.

What kinds of financing options do you offer.

The Ride to work scheme and the Green Commute Initiative presently as these schemes can save significant amounts for individuals as part of a salary sacrifice scheme. Ecargo bikes bought for businesses also attract various tax advantages and at times grant funding, presently LoCase have potential bike funding, Eligibility Criteria | LoCASE

Do you sell outside of Brighton and Hove.

Yes, we can always meet customers elsewhere to show them our bikes, they are electric which makes this much easier.

What about your service partner, is my ebike in good hands.

South Coast Bikes service all our ebikes and have excellent customer satisfaction feedback. Their technicians are Bosch and Enviolo trained and servicing with them is bookable online with free collection and drop off if required.

How soon can I get a bike if ordered.

This depends on the ebike, we can get bikes in for customers in a matter of weeks if in stock, we will of course keep you informed of delivery dates for your ebike. 

How can I arrange a Demo or Bike test.

Call us or contact us through our contact link and we will arrange to meet you, this can either be at South Coast Bikes or your business or home address. We also regularly have demo sessions in local Brighton and Hove parks on Saturday mornings, these are posted on our Instagram account. Please feel free to contact us to ask where we will be demoing our bikes next. 

If I have a question can you get back to me.

Yes, contact us with your query and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

GDPR - how do you store and use my data.

We only hold your contact details needed to respond to your enquiry and any information we do hold is disposed of at your request. We do not share any of your information with any other parties, apart from South Coast Bikes to undertake a maintenance on your bike. 

Yes, absolutely it's how we ensure the bike works for you and meets your business or personal needs.

Can I test an eBike before buying it.

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